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In this site we are speaking about global warming. For many years now, we have been confronted with the ever-changing nature of global warming, and yet it dosen't seem to faze anyone.

Climate warming situation in 2022, what is the impact in the futur ?

In 2022 global warming shows no sign of slowing down, wich is really worrying. The situation is alarming scientists, including the IPCC, a body that regulary assesses climate change.

 Earth going upin smoke

Indeed, we can see that this summer 2022 was the hottest summer ever recorded in Europe. Average temperatures were "the highest for both August and the entire summer", down 0.4°C moreover, because of this hot summer, forest fires have been multiplied by two in the world in 20 years. France, Greece, Spain, Morocco and the United States have been affected by these fires. Several million hectares were burned during this period. On the other hand, the situation concerning the drought is far from improving. Indeed, the situation of the inertial water tables should deteriorate slowly during the next months, or more rapidly in the heavily used sectors. On the reactive aquifers, in case of insufficient precipitations, the emptying should continue and thus the situation should continue to deteriorate.

 Earth going upin smoke

What are the future consequences of global warming?

Indeed, global warming is deteriorating little by little over time, we could see it this year especially with the many forest fires, the heat wave, but also the many floods, (storms, hail) ... But unfortunately these events will happen more and more and will intensify in the years to come. Intensification of precipitation (heavy rains and hail) increase of violent tropical cyclones. Increased periods of aridity and drought, retreat of the Arctic sea ice and snow cover. These are all events that will occur on a daily basis if we do nothing to prevent it. For this, we can make daily gestures that would help to slow down these phenomena as:

- Change transportation habits (use public transportation for long trips and walk or bike for shorter trips)

- Buy products that are more respectful of the environment (favor organic products)

- Improve the insulation and heat of the home (this will help to reduce the consumption of electricity, which today is very important)

- Sort your waste

- Reduce your water consumption (for example, prefer the shower over the bath)

All these actions are accessible to everyone, and if everyone invests, we can help even a little to slow down global warming. Today it is a really important subject to tackle because the situation is becoming alarming.

The future is in our hands!

 Earth going upin smoke

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