Three places to visit in provence


Velleron is a small village of Provence with 3000 peoples.

There are:

  1. A new bakery
  2. A pastry named Rouget
  3. Two groceries stores
  4. Two pizza restaurants
  5. Tree nursery

There are also a typical market famous in all the Vaucluse.
The village is composed of an old castle which is now the town center.
Velleron is very pleasant to a week-end.
Velleron gives wonderfull landscapes.
A river crosses the village, it is named La Sorgue.

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Lets go to see Velleron!

Revest du bion

Revest du bion is a little village of 568 people on the Plateau de Sault. the village is known for their festivals:

"La fête des chataîgnes"is very popular in the region, they sale lots of kilos of chestnuts. You can even pick some yourself in the nearby chestnuts trees forests. In town center revestois present their cultur. It's a very cheerful festival where you can learn new information and have a great time to relax.

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"la fête de la moisson"is less poluar then "La fête des chataîgnes" but it's still popular. The festival was created to show people how it works in history. It's very impressive how he's doing it in the old fashion way. Plus their is a parade of old tractor driving all arround the village and people are all dress up in the tradition.

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The village is very little but there planty to do:
-It has a baker shop next to the restaurant Les marronniers which is also a small hotel.
-It has two bars but now one is closed.
-there is a post office next to the town hall.

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Modène is just a little village, but it's very beautiful. The village was quote in 1230 with the name 'Maudena'. The benedictins were settle in VIII. After, The big plague ragave the Provence in 1720. With this history, Modène is always a magnificent village. There are 455 people. The main economy is the culture of the vineyard.

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Par Martin Happs, Thomas Chastagnol et Quentin Maupas !