The best spots to visit in the U.S.A

You where thinking about travelling to the U.S.A? Here some spots that you cloud visit.

What to visit on the east cost.

*New York

This city is great! You can visit the famous statue of Liberty and enjoy the typicals New York streets.

*Washington D-C

This is a popular city for the White house, president's house, and its history.


This state is famous for its beautiful beaches whith white sand and clear water!

What to visit in the middle.


In this state, there are a lot of lakes and montains. Imagine it in winter!


Walk on its streets, to see the big bullding and their architechture.


You dream to be a cow-boy? Texas will be your dream state!

What to visit on the west cost.

*San Franscico

One of the best known cities of California is San Fransico. In this city you will enjoy the Golden Gate Bridge.

*Los Angeles

The must-see in los angeles is walk on hollywood boulvard to see the star.

*Las Vegas

Visit Las vegas and play in one of its big casinos.

*Route 66

When you are following route 66, this road trip passes through the demanding Mojave Desert, over mountains and through lush inland valleys, to the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica.

*Big canyon

One of the 7 natural wonders of the world, the grand canyon is a destination not to be missed during a trip to the West of America.

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